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Here is a breakdown of the first Families.

Texas Alabama Settlement
Arriving Family Groups
(from “We Cousins”)

By Land

– Arrived at the Navidad on December 9, 1830

Thomas Menefee & Family

Thomas Menefee age 51
(Widower of Lucy Sutherland Paine who died in Alabama, 1829)
(Brother of William Menefee, Jemima Heard, Frances Sutherland, Mary White & Elizabeth Dever)
John Sutherland Menefee 17
George Menefee 15
Susan L. Menefee 13
Frances Overacre Menefee 11
Agnes Shelton Menefee 6
William Menefee 5
Thomas Nelson Menefee 1

William Menefee & Family

William Christian Menefee age 34
(Brother of Thomas Menefee, Jemima Heard, Frances Sutherland, Mary White & Elizabeth Dever)
Agnes Sutherland Menefee 36
(Sister of Lucy Menefee who died in Alabama 1829 and George Sutherland)
Sarah S. Menefee 12
Thomas Shelton Menefee 10
John S. Menefee 8
Talitha Ann Menefee 6
William Menefee Jr. 4
Quin Morton Menefee 4 months

George Sutherland & Family

George Sutherland age 42
(Brother of Lucy Menefee who died in Alabama 1829 and Agnes Menefee)
Frances Menefee Sutherland 41
(Sister of Thomas & William Menefee, Jemima Heard, Mary White & Elizabeth Dever)
William Depriest Sutherland 12
Thomas Shelton Sutherland 10
Frances Agnes Sutherland 6
Elizabeth Martha Sutherland 2
Georgia Ann Sutherland 10 months


Jemima Menefee Heard

Jemima Menefee Heard age 48
(Widow of Stephen Rhodes Heard who died in Alabama, )
(Sister of Thomas & William Menefee, Frances Sutherland, Mary White, & Elizabeth Dever)

William J.E. Heard & Family

William Jones Elliot Heard age 29
(Son of Jemima Heard)
America Morton Heard 22
Elizabeth Heard 3
Susan Ann Heard

Thomas J. Reed & Family

Thomas Jones Reed age ?
Martha Jane Heard Reed 18
(Daughter of Jemima Heard)
Mary Elizabeth Reed 8 days
(Born in route to Texas)

Frances Rhodes Menefee

Frances Rhodes Menefee age 69
(She was the mother, mother-in-law or grandmother of most of the people on the trip)
(Mother of Thomas & William Menefee, Jemima Heard, Frances Sutherland, Elizabeth Dever & Mary White)

By Water -

Traveled down the Tennessee, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers on cotton boats to New Orleans. Then sailed on the schooner “Emblem” w/ Capt. Cannon to the head of Lavaca Bay; arriving on February 12, 1831.

Jesse White & Family

Jesse White age 48
(Brother of Benjamin White)
Mary Menefee White 46
(Sister of Thomas & William Menefee, Jemima Heard, Frances Sutherland & Elizabeth Dever)
Hugh Lewis White 21
Francis Menefee White, I 19
Benjamin Jobe White 14
John T. White 11
Sarah Elizabeth White 8

Benjamin White & Family

Benjamin White age ?
(Brother of Jesse White)
Mary (Polly) Calloway ?
Mary White ?

J.M. Heard & Family

John Menefee Heard age 28
(Son of Jemima Heard)
Maria O. Dever Heard 26
(Daughter of Elizabeth Dever)

Samuel C. A. Rogers & Family

Samuel Crawford Aduston Rogers age 20
Frances Mary White 16
(Daughter of Mary White)
Martha Catherine Rogers 1+

Elizabeth Menefee Dever & Family

Elizabeth Menefee Dever age 54
(Widow of James Dever who died in Alabama)
(Sister of Thomas & William Menefee, Jemima Heard, Frances Sutherland & Mary White)
Malvira Dever 27
Martha Menefee Dever 21
James Dever II 18
Frances Jane Dever 16
Elizabeth Jemima Dever 12

John Davis & Family

(Married to Louisiana Dever, sister of James Dever)

Jemima Menefee Heard’s Family

Frances Mary Heard age 20
Martha Jane Heard 18
Sarah Fidelia Heard 15
Jemima Heard 10
Stephen Rhodes Heard II 8

Royster & Family

T.J. Winston & Family

Single Men:

Samuel Davis

By Water

Traveled with the first group down to New Orleans but came on the second trip of the “Emblem”.

T.H.P. Heard and Family

Thomas Harris P. Heard age 24
(Son of Jemima Heard)
Nancy Dancy 23
James William Heard 2 months

Joseph Rector & Family

Joseph Rector age ?
Harriet B. Heard 21
(Daughter of Jemima Heard)

Morgan Rector & Family (?)
Richard N. Royal & Family (?)
Robert D. Moore & Family (?)
John D. Newell & Family (?)